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In 2002 I married the man of my dreams at a summer wedding all done up in white daisies, bright lemons, and yellow gingham ribbon. There was a ten piece band and a Krispy Kreme cake and a big jug of fresh lemonade.

Recently, my brother-in-law became engaged and, reminiscing, I pulled out a huge stack of old bridal magazines. Among the pages I found old post-its and lists and websites full of ideas. Apparently, before settling on daisies and gingham, I had been planning a wedding on the beach, a pretty pink wedding, a destination wedding (France!), a Tiffany blue wedding, and a rustic wedding (Martha Stewart can make anything look good).

The list of resources was astounding and I'm gathering them here, with some new resources, for brides to be (like my soon-to-be sister-in-law).

Everything you'll find here is different, original, better. I love weddings that celebrate the personality of the couple, that look beyond pillow mints in tulle, that are electric and fresh rather than conventional and clich├ęd, that are orchestrated to delight down to the last detail.

Welcome to Luxe and Tux. I hope you find something that is perfectly you.